Before and After Photos of Customer's Pools

Here's a green pool we serviced in Jupiter which we treated and got back to Crystal clear with the help of our expert CPO certified and uniformed pool technicians. It's often we receive calls from customers who try to "shock" their pool and end up adding too many chemicals which can make the problem worse and in some instances require a drain and refill.  Instead of having the added expense and labor on your hands, call us today and we'll be happy to help bring your pool back to Crystal clear!


Here's another pool we serviced in Palm Beach County.  This property was in the neighborhood of Palm Beach Country Estates in Palm Beach Gardens and as you can see, yellow algae had bloomed.  After visiting this property and adding it to our account, it didn't take long before it was crystal clear and in excellent condition for the family to use again.


Here is another green pool which was quickly transformed into a crystal clear and sanitary pool for safe use by our great CPO trained staff at Crystal Pools.  This pool was in Jupiter in a neighborhood called Palm Beach Country Estates.